Wendy: Final Project


Multimedia in Piano Concert (When Piano meet Multimedia)
Using Multimedia like images, videos and lights getting together with a classical pianist's playing can make an unique that blend of classical style piano repertoire with a visual interpretation. Nowadays, in a visual era, why can't do some different in classical music? However, just listening is not enough, somehow we will think the music is boring and you would like to feel more engaged with the music. If the audiences are trying to watch images or videos through the piano live concert that would encourage audiences to give classical music a try and getting more knowing about classical music. Since different people have different tastes in different styles music. If classical pianists can do concerts with multimedia that could attracts more people to get into the live concerts, which will made more money through performances than album sales, especially in China, where people was paid more in china for the live concerts than in USA.

For this project, I will work on how to prepare a balance between spectacles and music sounds. What kinds of Software was used to control the sounds, how to relate with the stylistic music, it is possible to have each of these factors present at the proper time, and how do pianists communicate with audiences when they give a multimedia piano concerts?

I will give a presentation with multimedia piano performance. Using PowerPoint, video and software to do my final presentation.

Depending on different types of the multimedia piano concert, the following will include:
Siheng Song multimedia piano concert
New Jerusalem from Traverse Multimedia Concert
Ravel Ondine

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I found the published version, No.4 "Verrufene Stelle" (Haunted Place) is the only one using the poetic mottos. The mottos with translations from Friedrich Hebbel's Waldbilder. Reading through the mottos can help better understanding in his music.

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This website shows the Magic development team can edited or enhanced the videos files in real-time when performer playing in live music. I can clearly see those videos have been working on with the music at the same time perfectly, and give me some ideas how to design for the videos.

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