Virtual World Field Report Instructions

Virtual World Field Report Instructions


Music and sound play a significant role in creating immersive environments for virtual worlds. A virtual world is often used synonymously with massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), a computer-based simulated environment populated by many users who interact with the virtual space and socialize with other participants via a personal avatar. More broadly, the concept of virtual world may be extended to any immersive, computer-generated environment that gives agency to the participant for exploring the digitally-rendered space.

Your ethnographic field report is an observational reflection on your musical experiences within your chosen virtual world. While I encourage you to explore a more conventional virtual world (e.g. Second Life), you may choose to investigate a console video game, mobile app, of film that provides a related experience.


Investigate a virtual world, reflecting on the presence and affect of music and sound within the virtual space.

Write brief (400-500 words) ethnographic field notes of your experiences in the virtual world. Your notes should be largely descriptive, but should clearly articulate aspects of the examined culture that point toward the role of music in creating an immersive environment. In doing so, you should draw upon concepts introduced by readings from the class, applied to your research experience.


You will read/present your ethnography in class and post it as a PDF document to the Virtual Worlds assignment page.

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