Sukyung Yang: Final Project
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Working Title: K-pop and Contribution of Cyber Culture

This project is about K-pop which was not a cultural majority in the past. As internet and globalization of culture in cyber space expedition affect to an individual's musical experience, K-pop created a sensation worldwidely, not only in east asian culture but also especially in western culture such as Europe and America. My goal is to examine what enabled such a trend for K-pop relating cyber culture including media, internet, mobile phone etc.and how cyber culture contributes to its broad spread and thier global fandoms overcoming cultural varieties.

Thus I will compare the status of K-pop before and after its musical and cultural sensation based on an academic research as well as journals, interviews, vedios. And then the role and tribute of cyber culture and space such as Youtube will be main research to support mutual relation of internet distribution of K-pop and reaction of individual listeners. To demonstrate the main topic, a comprehensive understanding of cyber culture is required and K-pop will be an excellent example of globalized impact on it.

Final submission: Research Paper

Final presentation: Partial paper reading and multimedia presentation.

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