Man is Not Adapted to a World of Steel; Technique Adapts Him to It

Ellul says Man is not adapted to a world of steel; technique adapts him to it. Technique changes the arrangement of this blind world so that man can be a part of it without colliding with its rough edges. I posed a question during my class discussion day: If technique was represented by music instead of the machine how would that change your view of this thought process? I will create a musical composition which will explore this question and the effects of technique when it enters into every aspect of music and ceases to be external and becomes the very substance of the music.

This piece will consist of a Cello and 8 Channel Fixed Media electronic piece which will be performed at the Electronic Music Concert at the end of the semester. It will be at least 8-10 minutes in length using several different musical techniques that either distort, destroy, dissect, elongate, or shorten sounds or recordings to create musical soundscapes that will deliver a message directly to the listener showing how Ellul's was correct and how technique has allowed man adapt to the ever growing world of music.

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