Classical Music Video Overdubbing (and implications)

Title: Classical Music Video Overdubbing: The increasing popularity and innovation in classical music videos rendered from individual performers’ remote performance clips.


As the performance of music in ensembles is one of the main sources of opportunity, exposure, and income for trombonists (my career path), I am interested in the roles that technology can play in the creation of ensembles in music. Through personal experience, I have noticed a recent trend in the production of music videos that depend upon individual clips of performers that have been pieced together to form the complete work, a variation of an “overdubbing” technique that has been long used in audio recording. I plan to discuss this trend, citing specific examples and discussing the implications using our in-class discussions and terminology as inspiration for further research.


Initial research will be focused toward identifying specific examples of music videos produced via performer clips from various locations, and the different techniques used for rendering each video. Research into the history of such videos and what perhaps led to the use of this technique will be conducted. This research will draw upon information provided by producers, and through the collection of a broad sample of other overdub-related projects. Additionally, scholarly research into issues of authentic performance and performance venue in classical music will be consulted.

Final Submission:
The final project will primarily consist of a paper detailing the findings of my research and discovery. Additionally, links to the videos referenced will be included in the bibliography.

Final Presentation:
The final presentation will be a combination of a demonstration of this trend through clips from selected videos, along with a synopsis of the findings in my paper.

Note: Annotated bibliography is attached in a separate file.

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