Jim Buennig: Final Project
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"Soulscape: Mapping Iowa City's Music"

My project will essentially lay some of the groundwork for a larger project of turning downtown Iowa City into a music installation. The end goal of the (larger) project is to develop a mobile app that streams pre-recorded music based on the listener's location in Iowa City. For example, a listener near the Old Capitol will hear music written for that location while a listener in the Ped Mall will hear different music written for that location, and so on. The app's integration of GPS technology will also allow for an interactive feature: when when multiple listeners are in the same proximity, they will be notified and their individual streams will be in sync.

As I only have a semester to complete this project, the end result will not be the completed app. Rather, I will do research and begin composition of music for the app. My efforts throughout the semester can be broken down into three stages:
- Research/gathering historical background of similar projects
- Composition
- Recording/performance

Final Submissions
At the end of the semester, I will submit a collection of research on the background of projects such as this in the form of a paper. Additionally, I will submit several compositions based on locations such as the Ped Mall, the Pentacrest, The Mill, and other Iowa City landmarks (I will submit both PDFs of the compositions and selected recordings of the compositions). Finally, I will present my research/compositions/recordings in class as a multimedia presentation.

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