Final Project: Instructions

Final Creative/Research Project Instructions


You will design, develop, and execute a project to be completed and shared by the end of the semester that in some way incorporates concepts, technologies, and experiences related to Music and Cyberculture. This project may be a creative endeavor or a scholarly paper. In either case, your project should be research based, drawing upon readings and technologies discussed in our seminar.

Examples of projects may include (but are not limited to):

  1. ethnographic paper of a virtual music community
  2. live music performance in a virtual world
  3. detailed proposal for the development of an interactive music installation or software application
  4. networked music composition


The project will have three stages (see the calendar for due dates for each stage):

  1. one-to-one meeting with me to discuss potential projects
  2. submission/presentation of research topic
  3. submission of annotated bibliography
  • final project completion, submission, and class presentation


Please see the individual assignment instruction pages for the topic proposal and bibliography.

The final project submission and presentation will depend on the planned project and should be outlined in your project proposal. All students will present on their projects in class during finals week.

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