Dana O'Malley: Final Project
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I will be writing a research paper for my final project. I plan on reading some of the paper to the class for my presentation and perhaps adding a creative element (i.e. make an object, an illustration, etc to explain my findings).

The question I will be investigating is:

How do we organize the noise of cyberculture?

I will investigate how our perception of noise has changed with the birth and growth of cyberculture. Some questions and ideas I will be expanding upon (in no particular order yet—-these will be developed as I research).

Intention/Context; Accident/Noise
putting noise in context; giving it parameters; giving it a label.

How has cyberculture shifted our perception of the fundamental?

Noise has a non-perceivable fundamental. How has this spectrum changed due to cyberculture? Is it perceivable now (ie a new fundamental)? Do the clips/cuts/framing devices of the internet give it a new core/identifiable sound?

Re-appropriation. How has cyberculture re-appropriated noise, and given it a new context (ie made it music?).

Repetition. We can now listen to noise on repeat (ie I can listen to the news report with the noises from a natural disaster over and over again.)

How does this repetition of noise create an individual’s own musical cyberculture? (ie the choices we make to listen, to mute, to repeat, to layer, multi-task).

Meaning/context of this shift in noise. How has this shift given noise new meaning, and thus our everyday perceptions of noise? Negatives/positives?

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