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In light of our recent conversations (and in anticipation of future ones), I felt compelled to share this example:

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It is the group Daft Punk performing "Robot Music" live in France in 2007. I was immediately struck by the power of this performance (timbres, volume, etc), but the more I've ruminated on it, I've noticed its creeping but undeniable beauty (ie., manipulation of musical material, "lyrical" themes/imagery, etc). Although there are likely hundreds (thousands?) of examples of "computer/machine/cyber/electronic" music that are certainly relevant to the purview of this course, this example contains a number of the issues central to our dialogue…

Some other interesting lines of questioning re: this example…

How is "beauty" or aesthetic pleasure rendered in this performance?
In what ways do the performers confront us with what is human? With what is technology?
What does "performance" mean in the context of digital music?
What is power and how is it articulated, wielded, and crafted in this example?

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