Final Project: Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Annotated Bibliography Instructions


Annotated bibliographies are useful as a general method for keeping record and taking notes of literature encountered as part of a creative or research project. Generally speaking, annotations provide a brief summary and evaluation of the source (book, article, blog post, website, etc.), as well as the application of the source to the project at hand. The process of annotating bibliographic sources situates the researcher/artist within a scholarly/creative dialog by encouraging

  1. thoughtful evaluation of the source
  2. critical reflection regarding its application to your project
  3. record-keeping of surveyed literature for later analysis.


Select six sources from your research bibliography to annotate. If you are undertaking a scholarly research paper, your sources should mostly be from academic articles or books. If you are undertaking a creative or applied project, your sources may include scholarly publications, but also technical papers, journalistic articles on related projects, how "how to" articles or books. Each should contain the following:

  • Properly structured bibliographic reference.
  • 2-3 sentences identifying the type of source, its position/value within the field of your project, and main points of the article/chapter/book.
  • 2-4 sentences critically reflecting on the value of the source for your research project. This section should provide explanation of how the source fits into your project, how it will inform your stance (do you agree/disagree? why?) or process, and its relation to other literature you have surveyed. You may choose to include pertinent quotes from the source (make sure to cite the page number!).


Upload your proposal to your final project page on the course wiki.

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