Taylor Swift vs. Academia

I was just reading the recent blog posts since our last meeting. I'll admit that I like the tone of the second Taylor Swift article as opposed to our reading for class. I like the idea of all artists being able to earn from their music sales/plays. I'm curious to know what anyone else thinks about how this applies to those of us in the university setting. For example, I have played on a few cd recordings with the bands at the universities I have attended. Do any of the students who worked hard and gave heart and soul into the music receive any reimbursement for these recordings? No. I found that my master's thesis has been downloaded over 1400 times from my alma mater. (Are we sure it's not linked to a banner ad or something….seriously, who reads that stuff?) Even though it is copyrighted, do I receive reimbursement for those downloads? No. Admittedly, I don't know if there are any earnings for either example but I know that it is not going to me or other students. What do you think?

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