Readings for First Class Meeting

You may have noticed (hopefully) that we have a few reading assignments for our first class meeting. I have posted three introductory readings to ICON for you to look over for our first class meeting.

Two of the readings are quite short and the third is 18 pages. The purposes of these readings are to present some definitions and key issues in regards to music, technology, and cyberculture. For many of you, the concepts and ideas presented in these readings will be new and unfamiliar. Don't let that intimidate you. Draw out of the readings what you can.

The first reading is a link to a very short essay by David Silver (2003), first written in the mid-1990s, that lays out a working definition of "cyberculture," which I hope will provide us with a basic orientation to the term.

The second reading, Nayar (2010), is a brief introduction to a book called, The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology. In it, Nayar lists 36 propositions regarding cyberculture and new media. Which of these propositions are most clearly manifested within the context of music? The remainder of the reading discusses key issues that arise in the various chapters of the book. We will not be reading these chapters, but it's worth reading through the themes that he highlights.

The last reading, Lysloff (2003), is also an introduction to another book, Music and Technoculture. This reading serves not only to orient us toward musical concerns within a technological society, but ethnomusicological perspectives that are brought to bear on these issues. This course will not have a heavy focus on ethnomusicological theories or methods, but this reading wil provide some groundwork for understanding that particular perspective.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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