One-to-one Project Update Meetings

As we discussed this past week, we will not be holding our regular seminar this week, but rather I'll be meeting with each of you individually to discuss the progress and current state of your final projects. Please post any revisions to your project and an annotated bibliography to your project page at least one day before our meeting, so that I have an opportunity to look it over before we meet.

Below are meeting times during our seminar. Please edit this page and add your name to an available time slot. If you'd like to meet at another time during the week, please let me know.

Wednesday, Nov. 4

9:45 -
10:00 -
10:15 -
10:30 -Christine
12:45 - Jim
1:00 - Megan
1:15 -
1:30 - Lily
1:45 - Sukyung Yang
3:30 -
3:45 -
4:00 -

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